Christine Yared

Censoring Ideas That Make Us Unhappy

I have decided to use my first blog so applaud an essay written by conservative columnist, Kathleen Parker. More often than not I disagree with her views. Yet it was Parker who quickly criticized Sen. McCain’s selection of Gov. Palin as his running mate, based on her (accurate) belief that Palin was not qualified to serve as President. In her November 16, 2008, column, Parker wrote that many conservatives reacted by telling her, with the generous use of expletives, to join the Democratic Party or by blaming her for Sen. Obama’s victory. Parker responded:

“is this really the way to go about salvaging the Republican Party? Yes, absolutely, let’s start censoring people who entertain ideas and opinions that make us unhappy. Now there’s a sure path to enlightenment!”Of course, these words bring a smile to the face of many Democrats, myself included. For the past 8 years, President Bush has governed by his “you’re either for us or against us” mantra, applying it to foreign countries, American citizens and even our other 2 branches of government. So thank you Kathleen, at least for today we see eye-to eye.

The pollsters all say that historically people vote based on the top of the ticket. I don’t know if that was the case a couple weeks ago, but after 2 terms of VP Cheney and 8 weeks of veep candidate Palin, let’s pay attention to the entire ticket. We need to make it clear that we expect all veep candidates to be ready to serve as president on day one.

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